Assassins Creed 3 Review

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18th Century was home for many historic events, but a Native American assassin was not one of them, until now. Assassins Creed 3 is the latest instalment where Desmond once again enters the animus to relive the life of his ancestor. With this being the 5th game in the series is it still satisfying gamers needs? Here’s my thoughts on Desmond’s latest adventure….

You’ll mainly play as Conor, a Native American who learns the way of the assassin to save his people from losing their land. During what he thinks is a “spirit walk” (which was a beautiful to play) he learns he must travel away from home and look for a symbol, the brotherhood symbol to receive training and become an assassin. Once trained you have to kill a series of Templars to save not just your land but America from the English. All this starts at about 5hrs into the game… Before this is the prologue teaching you how to play, you can watch the first part below of that here:

Developers have created the story brilliantly, for the most part. It did seem to dry up a little in the middle and the ending I’m still unsure on. The first 10 hours though are fantastic with twist and turns right before your eyes. You’ll play as Desmond putting your skills to the test, these part are short bursts and include a dramatic end to a few familiar faces. You may play as an assassin but killing isn’t always the answer, well not secretly anyway. The game feels more grown up using more emotions to pull you into the story.

Side missions are back in ACIII giving you the opportunity to build a community, sail the seven seas and recruit your very own brotherhood of assassins. Boston and New York are split into 3 sections, once you complete a number of side missions to help the local people you’ll have the chance to liberate the English and gain a new assassin. Your brotherhood now features a heap of new abilities then just killing someone, one of my favourite new abilities is the decoy where they’ll dress as guards and lead you in as if your were a prisoner, it’s a brilliant move to gain access to them harder to reach areas. Even your assassins need training which is why you can send them off to complete their own missions earning them Xp and money, but there’s no customisation….not this time round.

Connor didn’t just train as an assassin, he also trained to be a Captain. Naval missions bring a nice rest to the normal world of AC, allowing you to search for buried treasure, blow up pirates and search for the Ghost Ship. The game also looks at it’s best during these parts, with freak winds and waves all trying to push you off course. To give you a taste, below are 2 Naval missions from the seven seas.

And if your still asking for more than you can help build your very own community, the Homestead. Now it may sound silly playing happy homes but these side missions will help you later, because the people you recruit will craft for you. Each new resident who moves in will allow you to craft new recipes like ammo for you weapons, mining equipment to sell and upgrades for your equipment. These people are also what will make you rich when your trading. Their is unfortunately 1 problem….crafting is pain. To make a recipe you have to buy the items first from your individual residents, this means constant flickering back and forth which is just no fun.

Multiplayer has not seen many changes, just a lot of upgrades. I need to spend more time to get a real feel for it, but first impressions are good. All the old modes from previous games are back with their frustrating but engaging gameplay. The menu system has been cleaned up allowing you to navigate easily and edit your character to your heart’s content while waiting for a game to start.

Graphically this game is beautiful and buggy, there are moments which really catch your breath. But that won’t last for long as soon as you spot an enemy arm falling through the map…. It feels as if more time was needed just to polish the game over, this is a huge game with huge areas so a few bugs don’t bother me, but when a few bugs are gameplay breaking that’s what’s wrong.

Overall Assassins Creed 3 has its highs and its lows. It’s entered my chart as my 2nd favourite AC game but doesn’t beat AC Brotherhood. This game will take you on an adventure that you won’t forget, offering you twists and turns you might not see coming. It’s a brilliant game that’s kept me hooked for nearly 30hrs and I’ve still got missions to do, and DLC to complete.

But the game did leave me with 1 more thought….. What’s next?…….