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Rosckstar have announced that GTA V will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November the 18th 2014 with a PC version following on January 27 2015. The release will feature exclusive content for all 3 platforms including visual enhancements, new weapons, vehicles and more tracks on radio. All those who pre-order the  [ Read More ]


For those you that need a gaming fix before Novembers silly season, Fable Anniversary is out on Steam next week on the 12th of September. Need even more of a reason for re-visiting the weird and wonderful kingdom of Albion? If you pre-oreder now you can get yourself a 20% discount! It also comes with  [ Read More ]


More games coming for silly season! Nintendo have just announced that Bayonetta, a WiiU exclusive will be hitting shelves this October the 24th! This has been quite anticipated among WiiU owners as they finally get a taste of the exclusive title good life! Its looking like there will be 3 editions to choose from: “First  [ Read More ]


Titanfall Beta Thoughts

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titanfall_logo (Medium)

“Titanfall” managed to accumulate unprecedented levels of hype over the past few months. Ever since its ground breaking, bar raising announcement, in last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, it has become the spearhead of the next generation of gaming. Its originality and unique spin on the generic first-person shooters (FPS) has caught the attention of what  [ Read More ]


DR3 Operation Broken Eagle DLC

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You may have seen this week Dead Rising 3 had a massive 13gb title update, it had the internet in a stir just what this was for. Well worry no more; Microsoft have confirmed the update included multiple bug fixes and a new feature called “Impulse Trigger” which alerts you when running low on ammo.  [ Read More ]


Max : The Curse of Brotherhood Review

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Do you have a younger brother? Did he play with all your toys when you were younger? Did you wish he could be taken away? Well if so then Max : The Curse of Brotherhood (Max TCOB) could be for you. It’s exclusive to Xbox One is available now for £11.99 Max TCOB was originally  [ Read More ]


Xbox One DVR Videos

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Xbox DVR Youtube

The Xbox One is finally out, and I’ve spent the majority of my weekend glued to the TV. So far I’ve loved every minute, the Xbox One looks and operates like a Next Gen console. In a couple of week we’ll have a full review but for now it’s not just good, its brilliant! One  [ Read More ]


War Thunder EGEX13 Interview

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At this years Eurogamer Expo I was lucky enough to speak with Pavel Kulkov, Producer of War Thunder which is heading to PS4 for launch day and open beta for PC. We spent 15mins talking about the game and another 10mins playing the latest build on the PS4. War Thunder is a Free To Play  [ Read More ]


Transport Tycoon Released Today

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Today another classic PC game makes its appearance on mobile and tablet; but what makes this one special from the others is it’s not just a port, but a reimagining. Check out its launch trailer below: Transport Tycoon was originally released for PC back in 1994 and developed by Chris Sawyer (the same guy who  [ Read More ]


Transport Tycoon Announced

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Chris Sawyer is a name I’ll never forget, and I’m sure I not the only person who feels the same. He created one of my favourite series more than 14 years ago, a series I still own to this day. That series being Rollercoaster Tycoon, but before that came Transport Tycoon came first. But why  [ Read More ]