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Sony have announced that Playstation 4 exclusive Bloodbourne will be release in Europe and the US on the 6th Feb 2015 They have also released a new trailer following the Tokyo Game Show The trailer showing some more amazing graphics set in a very dark, Gothic environment and some co-op online play! This is definitely  [ Read More ]

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Rosckstar have announced that GTA V will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November the 18th 2014 with a PC version following on January 27 2015. The release will feature exclusive content for all 3 platforms including visual enhancements, new weapons, vehicles and more tracks on radio. All those who pre-order the  [ Read More ]


Free Nintendo Game!!

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That’s right, Nintendo are giving away games again! For those of you who took advantage of the free game download with Mario Kart 8 earlier this year, Nintendo are doing the same again! Register a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system with Club Nintendo between 11th September 2014 and 12th January 2015  [ Read More ]

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Looking on the Twittersphere it seems that PS4 & Xbox One GTA fans owners may have something to get excited about!! @GameCroydon tweeted: “GAME Croydon @GAMECroydon · 32m We have good news for you #PS4 and #XboxOne players…GTA 5 has a provisional release date. Want to know when it is? :-p I might tell ya  [ Read More ]

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BloodBourne Gameplay

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Sony Have released a play through demo of the much anticipated Bloodbourne. Looking like a Darksouls challenger its rumored to hit exclusively to the Playstation 4 earlish 2015. This being my first look at Bloodbourne and I cant wait for it! The combat looks slick and it looks a little bit easier than the Darksouls  [ Read More ]

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Transport Tycoon Released Today

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Today another classic PC game makes its appearance on mobile and tablet; but what makes this one special from the others is it’s not just a port, but a reimagining. Check out its launch trailer below: Transport Tycoon was originally released for PC back in 1994 and developed by Chris Sawyer (the same guy who  [ Read More ]

Eurogamer Expo Logo

This week Eurogamer gave us a glimpse of what to expect at this years Expo. With both Sony and Microsoft launching consoles later this year we were hopefully we may see both consoles at this years show. And I’m happy to confirm the PS4 will be attending the expo, no news though on the XboxOne.  [ Read More ]


Transport Tycoon Announced

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TransportTycoon02 (Medium)

Chris Sawyer is a name I’ll never forget, and I’m sure I not the only person who feels the same. He created one of my favourite series more than 14 years ago, a series I still own to this day. That series being Rollercoaster Tycoon, but before that came Transport Tycoon came first. But why  [ Read More ]


Direwolf Update v5.0.1 Bug and Fix

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This week I updated our Minecraft Feed The beat sever to the latest version of the Direwolf Mod Pack, but this didn’t go too well at all… At 1 point I thought we might even lose our world. But luckily Ihadris found out how to cure the issue and we’re back online! This issue should  [ Read More ]

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Nintendo Direct 23/01/2013

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Yesterday saw the first Nintendo Direct of 2013, hosted by President Iwata he shared what future games will be coming onto the Wii U this year and maybe some even next year. If you missed the stream then don’t worry because you can rewatch it here: Here’s the timeline of what happened incase you want  [ Read More ]