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Super Smash Bros Tournament Take 2

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Updated!!!! – 17/06/2013 Couple of months ago we tried to run a tournament for a classic retro game, and we’re back to try again. The game is Super Smash Bros Tournament, memory a little fuzzy have a quick read below. Super Smash Bros Overview: Released on the Wii back in June 2008, it was the  [ Read More ]


Project Steam Box

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Steam Box (4) (Medium)

Hello Everyone! This is Ferrish07 with my first article (Ever, so please be gentle!) about my latest project “Steam Box” As my day job of a computer systems technician it’s my job to keep on top of IT and tech news updates as well as fixing anything and everything IT related. This involves a lot  [ Read More ]

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GameStick Kickstarter

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GameStick Black

Last week I received an email advising me of a portable console, but not just any portable console… the worlds most portable TV console. Now with a tag line like that I just had to read. PlayJam are developing an android games console which will plug into your TV via HDMI, allowing you to play  [ Read More ]


AngryDragon’s Adventure

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What started as an impulse buy has now turned into a grand adventure full of danger and choices on an unimaginable scale. This quest requires the help of everyone with a PC, so join us in probably one of the greatest adventures we’ve had on 16bits, AngryDragon’s quest to build a PC. Last week the  [ Read More ]

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Guild Wars 2 Beta Session 1

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Guild Wars 2 LiveStream

I was lucky enough to gain access to the first beta weekend for Guild Wars 2……. and believe me when I say that’s all I did. On Sunday morning I did a LiveStream showing you what to expect from this magnificent game and if you didn’t get the chance to tune in live then don’t  [ Read More ]

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For many — Final Fantasy VII was a groundbreaking game when it was first released back in 1997 creating many legions of fans worldwide and making Squaresoft and Final Fantasy a household name in all major territories. Up until then Japanese RPGs were hard to come by in Europe and I remember begging my parents  [ Read More ]

Onlive Logo

This year we wanted to make our Christmas give-away the best ever so we’ve gathered some great prizes that we think everyone will love! (especially if you love games) And to start our competitions we’re giving 1 lucky gamer the chance to win an Onlive MicroConsole, it’s the piece of gaming technology that has swept  [ Read More ]


On the Radio

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27th of June 2011 we were on the radio, it’s not a typo we really were on the radio! We were invited to join the Best Radio Show which talks about games. Monday night I was invited onto OneLifeLeft’s Radio Show where they talk about games. I got to meet the famous trio of Ste  [ Read More ]

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Nintendo 3DS impressions

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Nintendo 3DS

So when my friend Mike told me that there was an event going on to try out the 3DS I thought “well now is Nintendo’s chance to impress me”. When I had first heard about the 3DS I was intrigued but I can’t say I overly excited by the idea and was even less interested  [ Read More ]


It’s been a great year for games and now the year is drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect on all the great games, achievements and trophies we played our socks off to earn in 2010. Here’s my list of games I’ve really enjoyed for a variety of reasons in 2010. Also there’s a  [ Read More ]