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Sights of Eurogamer Expo 2013

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This year’s Eurogamer Expo was bigger than ever; all thanks to a boat load of great games and 2 new nextgen consoles. I had a fantastic time this year playing on both the PS4 and XboxOne, both controllers showing great improvements on their predecessors. Indie and Rezzed area was better than ever, showing off a  [ Read More ]


Titanfall: E3 Announce Trailer

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Castle of Illusion HD Facelift

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Castle of Illusion Logo HD (Large)

Sega Genesis/Megadrive is my favourite retro console of all time. It grew up with me providing hours of entertainment for me and my Dad. I’ve got many happy memories playing Streets of Rage, Sonic, Terminator, Alien Storm, Micro Machines and Aladdin just to name a few…. otherwise we’d be here all day. But there’s 2  [ Read More ]

PS4 Holiday 2013 Logo

Last week Sony came out and confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4, if you missed the announcement here’s a trailer to bring you up to speed. With the PS4 release date set as Holiday 2013 it’s hard not to be excited. So after Wednesday’s Evening I’ve been compiling my top 5 features of the  [ Read More ]


Tomb Raider Experience

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Tomb Raider (1)

Next year Lara Croft makes her début return, only we’ve never see this Lara. It’s not the cool experienced head that had a butler you could lock in the freezer, it’s a young, scared Miss Croft. The games due to launch on 5th March 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Square Enix brought  [ Read More ]

Devil May Cry

I must confess, I forced myself to keep an open mind about the Devil May Cry reboot going into the expo. I for one would have preferred this game to be a brand new IP instead of rebooting an already well-loved and established series. Slapping on the DMC name will obviously sell, but is Ninja  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo 2012 After Thoughts

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Eurogamer Expo Web

16bits have attended Eurogamer Expo for the last 3 years, every year we both enter and leave giggling like children wanting to play more games like never before. This years expo not only left me excited about games but also a new home console, the first Next Generation from Nintendo. For now I want to  [ Read More ]


DOA 5 casts grows by 2

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DOA5_logo_RGB_fix_r (Small)

Dead or Alive 5 is less than 8 weeks away from being inside our Xbox360 and PS3, so you’d think we know who’s in the roster of fighters for the latest instalment…… well actually we don’t. 2 more characters have been announced at GamesCom 2012 offering us more ways to beat our friends to submission.  [ Read More ]


Lost Planet 3 Gamescom 2012

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Released at GamesCom 2012 – Lost Planet is back and colder than ever! Check out the trailer and see what we can expect from E.D.N. III when we re-visit in 2013


Devil May Cry Vergil GamesCom Trailer

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Released at Gamescom 2012 – Vergil is back…………