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Pile of Shame

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It’s been quiet here at 16bits, what with Adam creating an actual game; I’ve been starting a new job and trying to play games as well as other annoying grown up things that get in the way. With some games actually being announced for the not so new next gen consoles I thought I better  [ Read More ]

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Titanfall Beta Thoughts

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“Titanfall” managed to accumulate unprecedented levels of hype over the past few months. Ever since its ground breaking, bar raising announcement, in last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, it has become the spearhead of the next generation of gaming. Its originality and unique spin on the generic first-person shooters (FPS) has caught the attention of what  [ Read More ]

Max-TCoB LogoLateral

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood had been given a release date for Xbox One, the 20th December; right in time for Christmas! It’s a 2.5D platformer where your only weapon is a magic marker; this maker can create impressive pillars of earth, powerful streams of water and much more. You’ll play as Max on his  [ Read More ]


Microsoft E3 2013 Conference Roundup

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Xbox E3 2013 Stage”>

Microsoft had a lot of work to do to impress the crowd at E3. After the less than spectacular Xbox One announcement, Microsoft had to come up with something big to keep hold of their loyal Xbox fans. And they said on stage, that this is going to be all about the games. I’m going  [ Read More ]


Titanfall: E3 Announce Trailer

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Tomb Raider Review

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Everyone knows Lara, whether it’s from her first appearance in 1996, Tomb Raidar 2 where you could lock her butler in the freezer or maybe from her films. Last year Crystal Dynamics announced their reboot of the series, a new adventure, a new look at Lara at how she became the person we know from  [ Read More ]


Castle of Illusion HD Facelift

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Castle of Illusion Logo HD (Large)

Sega Genesis/Megadrive is my favourite retro console of all time. It grew up with me providing hours of entertainment for me and my Dad. I’ve got many happy memories playing Streets of Rage, Sonic, Terminator, Alien Storm, Micro Machines and Aladdin just to name a few…. otherwise we’d be here all day. But there’s 2  [ Read More ]


Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Review

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Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Platform: PlayStation Network & Xbox Live Developers: studio 2XL and Reverb Publishing Genre: Off-road racing £8.99/800 Microsoft Points “Eating dust on a budget” For those who don’t know who Jeremy McGrath is he’s an American Super cross Pro World Champion and X-Games gold medalist. Although I’ve not played any of his previous games  [ Read More ]