Dead Island Review

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Recently we saw the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Dead Island. As the name suggests, your on an island full of dead people, or more appropriately, Zombies. You play as one of four survivors who are immune to the deadly disease that turns anyone in to zombies. Your main objective is to get off the island and help as many people as you can along the way.

The game itself is on open world maps. You start on the beach resort area of the island and progress in to the town and then on to the jungle. These are 3 separate maps as such, but once you have unlocked each one, your free to move to and from each location. All around the maps there are side quests to be done along with the main quest, and each side quest obviously reaps its rewards. If its cash or prehaps a new weapon, its worth doing each one to help your fight against the zombies. You also get cash and various weapons by searching dead zombies bodies, or searching the many boxes, cupboards and well, anything on the island.

The weapons on the game are fully customizable with the many materials you find throughout the game. But before you can build these deadly weapons you need to find the blueprints that are relevent, and obviously have the materials needed. for example, one of the first weapons I built was a shock machete. this consisted of a machete, batteries and wire, and it can deal electric damage with the chance to electrocute the zombie, immobilizing it for a few seconds. I’ve managed to pick up some pretty cool sounding blueprints, but have been unable to make them. But I think we can all agree that the ‘shark-mod’ sounds ace!

One of the main things this game has been pushing is the online co-op and I have to admit that the majority of the game I have done online with two of my friends and it has been a massive laugh. I would recommend playing online with people if given a chance. Thats not to say that it’s not worth playing single player, I’ve enjoyed it playing single player aswell. I played the last 20% of the main story by myself and had just as much fun. Just missed out on people on the mic shouting about a mass horde of Zombies coming towards them!

Overall I think its a bvery good game, better than the likes of Dead Rising and Left for dead. If your after a zombie game, this should be high on your list. 13/16 bits.