Devil May Cry Review (Xbox 360)

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Devil May Cry added a new game to its series last month but this installment  is like no other. Ninja Theory were given the task to develop, no easy task for a game which has a group of hardcore fans. After the first trailer was released and Dante was given a new look things got harder, every new picture and video from there on was met with a group of angry gamers. But not everyone agrees with their views and after playing Devil May Cry someone owes someone an apology…

DMC SS (1)

Devil May Cry (DMC) has been given a brand new look and a new story, it doesn’t carry on from DMC 4. You still play as Dante, half angel half demon on an adventure to kill Mundus, a demon king. During your adventure you’ll meet Vergil and Kat, both who will help you save the city and give freedom to the humans. Now it sounds easy but with a whole demon army to slice through, it takes a while.

DMC SS (6)Combos… These are your best friend and your worst enemy, get them right and they look amazing, but get them wrong only to be hit. This time you have a whole arsenal weapons to help you get them stylish scores. There are 8 weapons for you to unlock as you progress through the game, you start with your trusty Rebellion (Sword) and Ebony & Ivory (Duel Handguns). After that there’s the Arbiter, Osiris, Eryx, Aquila, Revenant and Kablooey. All weapons have new combos/moves available to learn, so grab some upgrades to increase your score and style.

I’ve played previous Devil May Cry games and the story has always been excellent, and this game is no different. Dante still has his witty attitude, the new one is a little more cocky but play till the end and you’ll see he does have a heart. I really enjoyed learning about Dante’s and Vergil’s back story, this is one of my favourite parts.

Now a story is only as good as its gameplay, and DMC seems to peak too early. When the demons find Dante they pull him out of the real world and into Limbo, because this is where they bring the pain (and exists). The first level takes place on a Amusement Pier, in the real world it’s grey but once in Limbo it’s like nothing you’ve seen. The first few boss fights are brilliant, it’s just the end…..the last boss (well 2 technically) are easy, too easy, and the gameplay just wasn’t there. It’s a shame because it starts brilliantly, so I don’t understand what happened to the end. Each level has secrets to unlock and find, so keep your eyes out and listen…

DMC SS (4)

Combat has changed a little with you being able to change between all your weapons at the click of a few buttons. The D-Pad allows you to swap between your Guns, Angel and Devil weapons. Your arsenal all has its own advantages and disadvantages so you need to swap between them all to increase your score and progress up the leader-boards for each level. It’s challenging but rewarding when you get a perfect combo, and if you need the extra help then enter the practice ring where you can practice in peace.

DMC SS (5)So Ninja Theory could add detail into DMC like never before they couldn’t have the game running at 60fps on the console like previous games, the PC version can though run at 60fps. I’ve played the Xbox360 version and found no problems, combat looked and played smooth. My failure for pulling combos was not due to FPS, but because I kept forgetting combinations. DMC is a great looking game, when levels switch from normal to Limbo they do effortless, and I must say some of the Limbo levels look fantastic. Check out the video below which shows the entire first level to see what I mean:

Once you’ve completed the main story there’s still loads to keep you playing. There’s the usual Spartan Difficulty, Blood Place makes a return and Vergil’s own adventure DLC. Blood Place puts you in an arena fighting waves of increasing difficulties enemies. Vergil’s DLC is a brand new adventure where you’ll play as Vergil and fight with his own unique combat and weapons, this isn’t currently available but will be soon.

Devil May Cry hasn’t disappointed me, I’m actually impressed. It’s a great game with tons of character, challenging enemies, crazy combos and a brilliant adventure. It starts off with a bang and keeps that until the end where it unfortunately fizzles out. Whether you’ve played DMC before or not you’ll enjoy this game, just prepare yourself….. the combos are quick and hard! So practice, practice and practice…