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At Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive Microsoft’s newest gadget. The Kinect add on for my Xbox 360. After already having a go around Adam2Marsh’s house I have to say I was looking forward to playing on it again. I got Kinect adventures as its bundled in the with hardware, but I also got Kinect Sports, and this is the game that took my interest the most. I’m going to share with you my views on this game in this post.

So there I was, on Christmas day, getting ready for a game of beach volleyball. Odd you may think? But Beach volleyball is one of the 6 activities Kinect Sports offers you, along with Football, Bowling, Track and Field, Boxing and Table Tennis. As with will Kinect games, plenty of space is needed to play the game. So after clearing space, there I was standing in the middle of my room, facing the TV about to serve to start a volleyball match. After playing for a few minutes, I had the match won and realised how unfit I was! It is like your playing an actual game of Volleyball. All the movements you need to do the running forward and backward, the way you hit the ball, its all what you would expect to do if you were playing a real match.

So after getting tired out from the Volleyball, I moved on to the Table Tennis. I figured this couldn’t be as much hard work. I cracked the difficulty up as I was feeling confident. Big mistake. Putting the difficulty up actually makes it a lot harder. The a.i kept on returning every shot I made, I was running side to side, playing many different shots, it’s fair to say I lost. But its a very well worked out game. You just use your hand as the paddle, and hit the ball as if you were playing.

I’m not going to keep going on about each and every sport as we will be here forever and you can get the picture from what I said about the Volleyball and Table Tennis*. Every single game is extremely well worked, and you play it exactly how you would expect to play it in real life. I would even go as far as saying this game can help get you fit if you play it regularly.

As well as having the bog standard sports games, there are two more modes, Mini games and Party play. Mini games, as the name suggests, is a selection of mini games the the desired sport. For example, if you were to go in to mini games, and then select Football you would be greeted with 3 different games, Super Striker, Target Kick and Super Saver. The game I played was Target Kick. In this game, there are three targets in the goal (The goal keeper is still there) and you need to hit all three targets before another set of three appear. As I’m sure most of you can guess, the aim of the game is to hit the most targets in the time allotted. The action in most mini games is fast and furious so make sure you have the space and somewhere to sit down afterwards!

Moving on to Party play, this is aimed at 2 – 4 players, playing on the same console. Your split in to two teams (Red and Blue) and the aim of it is to outscore the other team, and of course have a good laugh playing. At the beginning each team chooses an avatar to play as, and this can range from a shark to a cardboard robot. In this you play a selection of randomly picked mini games, and if you win you get 100 points, you lose you get 50 points. You tend to find the last game you play is worth double points as well, just to add a bit of spice in to the last game.

In regards of playing on Xbox Live, its not stated on the box, but you can only play with TWO kinects online, so you can either to 1v1 or you can have two people at each kinect, therefore playing 2v2.

I must say I am very impressed with this game, and its charge up towards the top of the gaming charts show that its being taken to very well by the public. In my opinion this is currently one of the best games out for Kinect at the moment, and is a must have for all Kinect owners.

14 out of 16 Bits.

*If you want any info on the other sports/mini games, please give me a shout on Twitter @matgamble77 . I’ll be more than happy to fill you in!