Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

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Lego games are nothing new and have appeared on our consoles and PCs for many years; they’ve covered some of our favourite characters in blocktastic gameplay and silly humour. Batman has already had the Lego treatment but he’s back, and this time his brought along some of his friends.

The game has been developed by Travellers Tales and is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Windows PC, as well as Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation®Vita. It’s a true multi-console game being released on every console which is currently out. We were lucky enough to be sent a PS3 version to play and share our thoughts on Batman and Robin’s latest adventure.

Lego Batman 2 has a few big upgrades since the original and past Lego games. It’s the first to have an open world for you to explore; Gotham City is that area where you can fly, drive and run around to your heart’s content. Lego characters now come to life for the first time with voice; Lego games have always had humour but with the addition of voice it’s allowed them add even more. In Lego Batman 2 Joker and Lex Luthor have joined forces and are causing all kinds of havoc. Batman, Robin, Superman and many more must join forces to put a stop to their evil plans and restore order in Gotham City. Batman even learns a valuable lesson along the way…

In a normal Lego game you play through episodes and in Lego Batman 2 nothings changed, except because this game is set in an open world it’s allowed the developers to place their missions around certain locations. You’ll be visiting Ace Chemicals, Arkam Asylum, Batcave and many more throughout the campaign. Once a mission has been completed you unlock Free Play Mode which then allows you re-play and collect all them blocks and hidden items through-out the level. The story missions are marked in the game by the bat signal, which is illuminating and very cool! The campaign was brilliant with witty talking humour and mixed with a lot of fun. The main missions include allot more puzzles which takes you away from smashing blocks, as fun as that might be. While playing as Batman and Robin you’ll have to use special suits to help you complete the levels. These suits were good but lacked in quantity; they both had a small wardrobe. Some of the other characters from the you unlock do feel a bit rubbish, mainly because they act like Superman but each with one of his powers; except for Flash who is super quick! and super awesome! Superman is a brilliant edition who is great fun even if his invincible and flys like a drunk.There are some weird camera angles which can be very annoying, it doesn’t happen too often but when it does a simple action like jumping feels impossible.

Once I finished the campaign it advised me I’d completed under 20% of the entire game……. this just goes to show how huge this game is. Gotham City is teaming full of other villains like Two Face, Riddler, Penguin and many more; once defeated you can them buy that character and use in other modes like Free Play. Gotham’s full of hidden secrets, to find them all you’ll need to use every character you unlock even the villains. There are 250 gold blocks to collect, some of these are unlocked in the campaign missions but the majority are inside Gotham City waiting to be found.

The game features drop in multiplayer so anyone can jump in and enjoy. This game is a lot of fun with 2 people with easy controls that anyone can use, even you grandma. When playing with 2 people the game has an awesome split screen feature which makes sure each player has a good view; it’s the first time I’ve seen a moving split screen but it works very well.

Graphically the game looks nice and performs well with only a small number of hitches but it’s nothing which will blow you away. Lego doesn’t always play nice and this game does have a couple of problems. Navigation and drunk flying/driving are the 2 biggest but did it spoil the game at all? Hell No! You may find yourself lost in Gotham City but that’s how you come across some hidden gems you never would of found.

This game is full of content and hidden extras to keep you playing for hours. With a great campaign and a city full of villains there is always something to keep you busy. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is a brilliant addition to both the Batman and Lego game series. It may have a few niggles but they are not enough to spoil the magic this game creates and the joy you feel when playing.

Check out the entire first level from Lego Batman 2 captured from my PS3, Enjoy!