Star Command iOS Review

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Space, a part of our galaxy barley explored. Full of mysteries the mind can’t even begin to imagine, what could be out there? Well Star Command could give us the answers, or it could be a brilliant addictive iOS game; I think the latter…

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Star Command puts you in the boots of a Commander, a captain with his/her own ship. It’s a Space Ship management game that’s kept me entertained for hours in and out of London on my daily commute. Being the Commander gives you many perks like Auto Level 30 and the job to outfit the ship with weapons, shields and robots as you see fit.

Star Command iOS 2

When you start the game you can only pick a small standard vessel that has 3 rooms to customise; 2 weapons and 1 support. You choose whats in these rooms allowing to create the ship of your dreams. After completing the game you’ll receive a bigger ship (which also increases the difficulty), and there’s still another ship size to unlock once you’ve finished it a second time. The ships colours can be customised to your fancy; you can have hot pink, cool blue, a camouflaging black and many more.

When visiting distance worlds you’ll find some of the most interesting and hilarious aliens our Universe has to offer. It’s by far one of the highlights of the game, just meeting the aliens and seeing what they have to say. Currently only a couple of Galaxy’s are available to visit but with unlimited room I really hope this is an area they will expand.

Crew are assigned to different rooms, depending where you place depends on what skills they will be learning towards; either Weapons, Engineer of Support abilities. Later on these abilities will turn the tide in battles, without them just makes everything alot harder. Luckily this Universe has a constant supply of crew members so if you lose a few then you can hire a few more… but they will start at a very low-level.

Star Command iOS 3

When travelling the Universe you’ll meant many un-savoury aliens, the majority who will want to kill you. So when it’s time to battle the fun begins. During these events you’re in control of your team mates and firing your weapons, weapons have mini-games attached so get them fingers ready as the better you do, the more damage you out put. But that’s not all, because you’ll also be boarded…. and this is where it gets hard. You’ll need most of your crew to protect your ship, and remember don’t enter a battle without your medic. These battles are really where the game comes into its own, it’s hard and frustrating but deeply satisfying when you complete them.

Star Command iOS 4

Star Command is a great game with tons to offer, it looks great with its retro graphics and plays brilliant like a uptodate management game. It’s available on both iOS and coming soon for Android. So do you have what it takes to become a hero? Can you defend your crew against the onslaught of alien attacks? Then join Starfleet and make Earth proud fellow Star Commander!


Buy Star Command for iOS here – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/star-command/id632079234?mt=8