Released at E3 2012 – Dark Souls is making its debut on the PC including its exclusive edition which is exclusive to the PC Version. Are you prepared…..


Now this is a late review but with it containing tens of hours of gameplay it’s taken some time to really get a feel for the game. We were invited to a Q&A session and launch party for this game, both were great events where I got to listen to the developers and kill a  [ Read More ]


Wheels of Destruction – Review

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With the recent release of Twisted Metal, it’s obvious to draw comparisons when another vehicular combat game comes along. Wheels of Destruction though is about quarter of the price and still offers online multiplayer and different game modes. Weighing in at approximately 350mb, it leaves a small footprint on your PS3 too for those times  [ Read More ]


Alan Wake American Nightmare Review

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Alan Wake's American Nightmare logo

Alan Wake American Nightmare was released as part of this years Xbox Live’s House Party. It’s a whole new story featuring Alan Wake and he’s constant battle against the darkness. It’s a full game packed into an XBLA game which includes a 5+ hour campaign and onslaught mode. If you played the original Alan Wake  [ Read More ]


Gears of War 3 Xbox Sale

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Gears of War 3 Sale

From tomorrow morning DLC for Gears of War 3 will be available for a cheaper price, take a look at what you’ll be able to grab out of the Xbox Live bargain bucket from 28th February to 5th March: Gears of War 3 RAAM’s Shadow: Pack 2 (Microsoft) -800 (33% off) Gears of War 3  [ Read More ]


PsVita – What to Expect

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PsVita  Hardware (3) (Small)

In 1 week the PsVita will be out, but do we all know what to expect? I’m sure we’ve all heard loads of different things but what’s fact and what’s fiction. I thought it was time to search the Internet and bring you everything you need to know. If you’ve still got questions then get  [ Read More ]


Gotham City Impostors Open Beta

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Warner Brothers recently announced that Gotham City Impostors Open Beta is now available to PS3 and Xbox 360 users. Fancy playing? Then get downloading now! PS3 users can download the beta from the US PSN store but Xbox360 users will need register here https://www.gothamcityimpostors.com/beta/ as there’s limited beta keys so make sure your quick. There’s  [ Read More ]

Saints Row The Third Logo (2) (Medium)

Professor Genki is back on the 17th of January with his new game show Genki Bowl 7. If you thought things couldn’t get any more crazy then think again…… Genki Bowl 7 brings new mini-games, clothes and vehicles to the streets of Steele Port. All 3 of the new mini-games have when themed after his  [ Read More ]


Dungeon Defenders Review

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DD - Logo

Dungeon Defenders is not a new game to all platforms, it’s was released for PC first and just before Christmas released for PS3. It’s a downloadable title that has brought 2 game types we all know together, Tower Defence and Action RPG. Now it’s not a normal mix but they were made for each other  [ Read More ]

2011-2012 Logo

What a year it’s been! We’ve seen portable 3D, true facial expressions, cloud gaming and so much more! With so many good games it’s hard just remembering what came out but here’s my top games of 2011 and what I’m looking forward to in 2012. Favourite Games of 2011 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time  [ Read More ]