Tomb Raider Experience

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Tomb Raider (1)

Next year Lara Croft makes her début return, only we’ve never see this Lara. It’s not the cool experienced head that had a butler you could lock in the freezer, it’s a young, scared Miss Croft. The games due to launch on 5th March 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Square Enix brought  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo 2012 After Thoughts

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Eurogamer Expo Web

16bits have attended Eurogamer Expo for the last 3 years, every year we both enter and leave giggling like children wanting to play more games like never before. This years expo not only left me excited about games but also a new home console, the first Next Generation from Nintendo. For now I want to  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo 2012 Competition

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Eurogamer Expo is the biggest game show in the UK, every year they treat gamers with hands on action with the hottest releases and intriguing developer conferences. Later this month the doors will open and thousands of gamers will rush the floor playing and seeing games which the public have never seen, games like Grid  [ Read More ]

Onlive Logo

This year we wanted to make our Christmas give-away the best ever so we’ve gathered some great prizes that we think everyone will love! (especially if you love games) And to start our competitions we’re giving 1 lucky gamer the chance to win an Onlive MicroConsole, it’s the piece of gaming technology that has swept  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo 2011

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Tomorrow the doors will open for one of the largest Gaming Conventions in the UK, 16bits will be on the floor playing all the latest games to report it all back to you. We’re going to be there for a few more days this year so we can capture the atmosphere, some developers and hopefully play  [ Read More ]


BulletStorm Preview

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Epic Games…….As soon as those two words are mentioned in any form of game development, my interest is most certainly always piqued. Of couse being one of the biggest and most extravagent dev teams, known for pulling out all the stops to please the fans, news of epic’s part in the game development would bound  [ Read More ]


Painstick: My Kinect Experience

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My first experience of Kinect was at Eurogamer where I saw Dance Central (which was garnering a lot of interest and applause for anyone who would participate – respect to Adam for that). Kinect Adventures – where the delay/lag was all too obvious. There was Joy Ride which was just shockingly bad (we’ve seen the  [ Read More ]


Adam2Marsh: My Kinect Experience

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Words can not describe how myself, Colin and Tim felt when we had our first go with Kinect at this years Eurogamer Expo. Our hands were sweaty with excitement as we made our way over to the Kinect booths. As we walk slowly we start to see what games they had on offer. While we  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo Review Post

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Eurogamer Expo is now over for another year and we got the chance to play with some of the biggest titles that will be coming out this year and next. We also had our go with Ps Move and Kinect to see how they differ from one another and which one has got the potential  [ Read More ]


Enslaved Demo First Look

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1918Enslaved WIP Logo vector

Last week a demo was released for Ninja Theory’s new game Enslaved onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. We had a look at this upcoming action adventure game last week and from what we could tell it was shaping up to be a great game. The demo is out and our first verdict is here………………and its all thumbs  [ Read More ]