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This week Eurogamer gave us a glimpse of what to expect at this years Expo. With both Sony and Microsoft launching consoles later this year we were hopefully we may see both consoles at this years show. And I’m happy to confirm the PS4 will be attending the expo, no news though on the XboxOne.  [ Read More ]


Cube World Now Out

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Cube World SS (2) (Medium)

Block games are all the rage, Minecraft opened the floodgates and showed the world you don’t need pretty graphics to sell a game. Could there be another game which sells aswel as Minecraft and uses blocks alot? I think there could be and it’s called “Cube World”. Cube World is a 3rd person RPG where  [ Read More ]


Bayonetta 2 – Trailer (Wii U)

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Gaming Highlights of 2012

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16bits What a Year

It’s that time of year where we all think about our Game of the Year, but with more games being released every year it gets harder and harder. So lets start with the basics, what have we actually seen? Sony released the PsVita; a handheld console which tried to bridge the gap between gaming at  [ Read More ]

Ni No Kuni (5)

I love JRPGs and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that out of all the games at Eurogamer this year I was most excited to play Ni no Kuni, and I was not disappointed. The short preview I played made me glad I’ve had this on pre-order from day one. The battle system  [ Read More ]


GameGlobe Exclusive Interview

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GameGlobe for PC could be what Little Big Planet is for PS3, it’s a HD game developing tool which will allow you to create your very own game all from the ease of your browser. A couple of months ago we covered this exciting new tool in a little more detail which you can find here. Today  [ Read More ]

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Hoodwink Interview Questions

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A couple of months ago we reviewed a game called Hoodwink, a cel-shaded adventure like no other. What games feature a cheetah being set on fire? Check out the review here before you dive into our exclusive interview with  Amir Irwan, executive producer at E-One Studio. He was kind enough to answer some questions we emailed over. 1.  [ Read More ]


Exclusive Stay Dead Interview

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Stay Dead Logo

Stay Dead is not your normal type of game, it doesn’t feature Pre-rendered CGI footage but uses real life video footage in an interactive movie. We caught up with one of the leading man at Brucefilms who was nice enough to answer some questions and offer you guys an awesome deal! Check out the interview and a couple  [ Read More ]