Weekly Round-Up

Its been a big week for game/hardware releases with Halo Reach and Playstation Move all in one week. Every Sunday we like to round up some of the biggest news to make sure your up to date.  So here is our top 5 posts for this week: Halo Reach Review – Find out what we thought about  [ Read More ]

Halo Reach

Bungie’s swan song to the franchise still delivers a great and unique experience in the campaign. It’s an excellent playground to play in, with or without friends, and I’m sure it will make a lot of people very happy over the coming months.


Halo: Reach – One week to go!

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It’s now only one week until what is most possibly the most anticipated game of 2010, Halo: Reach. Here’s a little teaser you may have seen floating around on TV to help wet your appetite! For all you people who may of been living under a rock for the last year or so, Halo: Reach  [ Read More ]


Biggest News This Week

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Hey Guys, Here is my top 4 posts of this week to keep you busying until more gaming news comes in Monday morning. New Split Second DLC Autumn Previews – Part 1 Pre-Order Deal –  Dead Rising 2 Alan Wake – Signal DLC Review There have been loads of big news this week and there is one  [ Read More ]


Autumn Previews – Part 1

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Hey guys! This is the first post of two or three about the upcoming games gracing us this autumn. In this post I’m going to give a brief preview to the following: Fallout: New Vegas, FIFA 11, Halo: Reach and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. I’ll start with Fallout: New Vegas. This game is set to be  [ Read More ]


Halo Reach: Trailer

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Now I dont know if any of you have heard about a little game coming out soon called Halo Reach? Here’s a glimpse of whats heading our way: Halo Reach is currently set for a September 14th release in the US and UK.