Minecraft Sever – The Watershed

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Watershed Interview

Every week I listen to a Minecraft Podcast called “The Shaft”, recorded by the Dead Workers Party. Each week people and severs can sponsor the show and receive a shout out. Beginning of this year I remember hearing about The Watershed, a Minecraft sever, not knowing what to expect I thought I’d hop on and check it  [ Read More ]

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Interview with Mark Hamer

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16bits MarkHamer Interview

A couple of weeks ago I sent Mark Hamer this tweet never expecting anything… Wow! @m_hamer favourited a tweet of ours…. I wonder if he’d be up for an interview to talk art??? #fb — (@16BitsGames) 8. Januar 2013 But to my surprise I then received this… @16bitsgames anytime! send me a message with  [ Read More ]


GameGlobe Exclusive Interview

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GameGlobe for PC could be what Little Big Planet is for PS3, it’s a HD game developing tool which will allow you to create your very own game all from the ease of your browser. A couple of months ago we covered this exciting new tool in a little more detail which you can find here. Today  [ Read More ]

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Hoodwink Interview Questions

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A couple of months ago we reviewed a game called Hoodwink, a cel-shaded adventure like no other. What games feature a cheetah being set on fire? Check out the review here before you dive into our exclusive interview with  Amir Irwan, executive producer at E-One Studio. He was kind enough to answer some questions we emailed over. 1.  [ Read More ]

Question Time

Hi All, We’ve been extremely lucky and been given a chance to interview the staff of 2 different games! Now we’ve got some questions to ask but we want to give you the chance to submit your own! That’s right you can be apart of the interview! We’re going to be emailing a list of  [ Read More ]


Enslaved Odyssey To The West was released on Friday and pretty much everyone is in agreement that it’s an superb game. Well, here’s some good news for fans of the game that spent all weekend playing it and are already on their second run-through… Ninja Theory are currently developing DLC for the game. Tameem Antoniades revealed details of  [ Read More ]

1918Enslaved WIP Logo vector

Today Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Developed by Ninja Theory and published by Namco Bandai Games Enslaved is a epic journey where you will see beautiful graphics, brilliant gameplay and a great cinematic adventure, but I will leave all that for the review. Last week we had the chance to speak with  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo Review Post

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Eurogamer Expo is now over for another year and we got the chance to play with some of the biggest titles that will be coming out this year and next. We also had our go with Ps Move and Kinect to see how they differ from one another and which one has got the potential  [ Read More ]