Dragon Ball Z Kinect E3 2012 Trailer

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Trailer from E3 2012 — Dragon Ball Z is back but put down your controller because this time you’ll be using Kinect to beat your foe.

GAMEFest 2011 Logo

GameFest 2011 is being held at NEC Birmingham between 16 -18th September 2011 and if you haven’t got tickets there’s still time left. We have some of the biggest games coming out over the next 12 months and most of then are being shown at GAMEFest. Whether you want to stab someone in the back,  [ Read More ]


Avatar Kinect

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In the early hours of this morning, under the shining lights in Las Vegas, Microsoft gave their keynotes speech at the opening of the Consumer Electrical Show (CES). Now there wasn’t very much in regards to gaming. They reported they had sold over 8 million Kinect units since that was released, That there were now  [ Read More ]

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Kinect Sports

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Kinect sports

At Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive Microsoft’s newest gadget. The Kinect add on for my Xbox 360. After already having a go around Adam2Marsh’s house I have to say I was looking forward to playing on it again. I got Kinect adventures as its bundled in the with hardware, but I also got  [ Read More ]


Rare have today issued a press release announcing free DLC for Kinect Sports ‘Kinect Sports Party Pack’… and it’s available TODAY on Xbox Live Marketplace! The DLC includes 250G worth of new achievements and six new Mini Games for each sport: Boxing brings on fast-paced multiple-opponent knockdown fun in King of the Ring. Move from  [ Read More ]


Painstick: My Kinect Experience

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My first experience of Kinect was at Eurogamer where I saw Dance Central (which was garnering a lot of interest and applause for anyone who would participate – respect to Adam for that). Kinect Adventures – where the delay/lag was all too obvious. There was Joy Ride which was just shockingly bad (we’ve seen the  [ Read More ]


Adam2Marsh: My Kinect Experience

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Words can not describe how myself, Colin and Tim felt when we had our first go with Kinect at this years Eurogamer Expo. Our hands were sweaty with excitement as we made our way over to the Kinect booths. As we walk slowly we start to see what games they had on offer. While we  [ Read More ]


Kinect has 19 Launch Titles

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Kinect Sensor Top View

With Kinect only round the corner and November being such a busy month with game releases it’s important to know your info so you buy the right games. November we are seeing games like Fable 3, Fallout and Microsoft’s controller free gaming “Kinect”. Microsoft have got 19 games ready for launch and here is the  [ Read More ]

Check out the New EA Sports Active 2 Video


Eurogamer Expo Review Post

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Eurogamer Expo is now over for another year and we got the chance to play with some of the biggest titles that will be coming out this year and next. We also had our go with Ps Move and Kinect to see how they differ from one another and which one has got the potential  [ Read More ]