Cube World Now Out

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Cube World SS (2) (Medium)

Block games are all the rage, Minecraft opened the floodgates and showed the world you don’t need pretty graphics to sell a game. Could there be another game which sells aswel as Minecraft and uses blocks alot? I think there could be and it’s called “Cube World”. Cube World is a 3rd person RPG where  [ Read More ]


Titanfall: E3 Announce Trailer

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League of Legends Logo (Small)”

When it comes to video game genres I wouldn’t blame any of you for not having heard the term MOBA much before this week but the chances are that you’ve heard of some of the big name Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas: League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and Defence of the Ancients 2. (does anyone who owns  [ Read More ]

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Minecraft Sever – The Watershed

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Watershed Interview

Every week I listen to a Minecraft Podcast called “The Shaft”, recorded by the Dead Workers Party. Each week people and severs can sponsor the show and receive a shout out. Beginning of this year I remember hearing about The Watershed, a Minecraft sever, not knowing what to expect I thought I’d hop on and check it  [ Read More ]

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I just received a very exciting email…. It contained the multiplayer details for Luigi’s upcoming adventure. But enough of me here’s the details: Up to four players* can join up and journey into the Scarescraper jam-packed with paranormal creatures. In Hunter Mode, each player controls a different colour Luigi and is challenged to hunt down ghosts  [ Read More ]

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Air Buccanneers Competition

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AirBuccaneers Logo

It’s a well-known fact that Hot Air Balloons were invented by Vikings and Buccaneers for the sole person of war! Well at least in Air Buccaneers it is. At this years Eurogamer Expo we talked with the community manager at Ludocraft who are developing Air Buccaneers for PC, the games currently in beta and there’s  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo 2012 After Thoughts

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Eurogamer Expo Web

16bits have attended Eurogamer Expo for the last 3 years, every year we both enter and leave giggling like children wanting to play more games like never before. This years expo not only left me excited about games but also a new home console, the first Next Generation from Nintendo. For now I want to  [ Read More ]


Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

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Kingdom Hearts Logo

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance has been out for a few weeks now. It offers an experience we could only dream about. Kingdom Hearts series is developed in collaboration between Square Enix and Disney following the adventures of Riku and Sora. With so many of us awaiting a Kingdom Hearts 3 and it’s console  [ Read More ]

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