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NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe have announced they will release a limited-run Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Wizard’s Edition at the same time as the standard version of the game on January 25th 2013 across Europe and Australasia exclusively for PS3. It will include a 300+ page hardback Wizards Companion spellbook that  [ Read More ]

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Muscles and Bikinis are only around the corner from evading our Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s when Dead or Alive 5 launches on the 28th September 2012. With only a few months till release Pre-Order goodies and a Collectors Edition have been confirmed. Unfortunately you wont be getting a signed wrestling costume from Tina or  [ Read More ]


Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Now Live

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With Guild Wars 2 entering beta phase, launch is just around the corner so like most games now a days it comes in 3 different versions all offering a wealth of wonders and goodies. Check out each version below to see if they tempt you enough to part with your hard-earned cash….. The Standard/Digital Edition:  [ Read More ]


Mass Effect 3 – Preorder goodies.

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Mass Effect 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2012, and after the success of the first two, this is sure to be one of the best games of the year. Now with release little over two months away, EA and Bioware have announced some preorder bonuses. We all love some exclusive goodies  [ Read More ]

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Topware has announced Two Worlds will be released on the 4th of February bringing gamers (in there words) “unbridled RPG experience”. They have also announced the Royal Edition which is now available to pre order exclusively from Game. This eidition of the game includes: Bonus DVD (With music tracks, concept art, wallpapers, making-of documentary) World  [ Read More ]


Dead Rising 2 Case:0

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DeadRising2 - Case zero.

Last week I wrote a post about the upcoming squeal Dead Rising 2, if you didn’t read that then click here. Dead Rising Case: Zero is a prologue to Dead Rising which is coming out on the 24th of September. It is only available on the Xbox Marketplace and can be yours for 400 Microsoft points. It starts with Chuck and his daughter Katey pulling into a gas station to fill up and  [ Read More ]


GoldenEye 007

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Now 6 months ago if someone said to me that later this year GoldenEye was coming back to our lives on the Wii I wouldn’t of believed a word of it. I mean there are countless forums with 100’s, even 100,000’s asking for a re-make of one of the best FPS to date. But this year at E3 Nintendo showed us this  [ Read More ]


Pre-Order Deal: Fable 3

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Fable 3 Logo

At the beginning of this month Xbox launched the Fable 3 Villager Maker tool on (Click here for link). Now with this tool you can create your very own villager. You can make your own male or female villager using almost 2,000 different combinations of looks. You can also give a history to your  [ Read More ]


The prestige edition for Black Ops has been announced and comes with an impressive looking RC-XD surveilance vehicle. In the same way that Modern Warfare 2 was released with a prestige edition that featured an attractive, though completely useless unless you’re Hannibal Lecter, set of night-vision goggles, Black Ops is being released with a prestige edition that comes with a remote  [ Read More ]