Sights of Eurogamer Expo 2013

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This year’s Eurogamer Expo was bigger than ever; all thanks to a boat load of great games and 2 new nextgen consoles. I had a fantastic time this year playing on both the PS4 and XboxOne, both controllers showing great improvements on their predecessors. Indie and Rezzed area was better than ever, showing off a  [ Read More ]


Remember Me Review

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Remember Me was released earlier this year for PC, Xbox360 and PS3; I’ve played the PC version which this review is based on. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom. Welcome to a world where memories can be accessed, stored and changed; a world where you never have to live with miserable thought. Welcome  [ Read More ]

FF X X2 HD Logo

This week Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD received some new screenshots showing the different environments we’ll be revisiting but in HD, here they are: Trophies have also been confirmed for both versions of the game, not sure how good this is as can you just imagine what they might be….. But as always I’ve saved the  [ Read More ]


Last of Us Campaign Gameplay

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Last week the creators of the Uncharted series (Naughty Dog) released their brand new ip into the world. Exclusive for the PS3 “The Last of Us” sucks you into a tense world full of danger round every corner. Last Thursday we streamed the first hour from the campaign to give you a taste of what  [ Read More ]

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Tomb Raider Review

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tomb-raider-logo (Medium)

Everyone knows Lara, whether it’s from her first appearance in 1996, Tomb Raidar 2 where you could lock her butler in the freezer or maybe from her films. Last year Crystal Dynamics announced their reboot of the series, a new adventure, a new look at Lara at how she became the person we know from  [ Read More ]


Castle of Illusion HD Facelift

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Castle of Illusion Logo HD (Large)

Sega Genesis/Megadrive is my favourite retro console of all time. It grew up with me providing hours of entertainment for me and my Dad. I’ve got many happy memories playing Streets of Rage, Sonic, Terminator, Alien Storm, Micro Machines and Aladdin just to name a few…. otherwise we’d be here all day. But there’s 2  [ Read More ]


Devil May Cry Review (Xbox 360)

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Devil May Cry added a new game to its series last month but this installment  is like no other. Ninja Theory were given the task to develop, no easy task for a game which has a group of hardcore fans. After the first trailer was released and Dante was given a new look things got harder,  [ Read More ]


Assassins Creed 3 Review

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18th Century was home for many historic events, but a Native American assassin was not one of them, until now. Assassins Creed 3 is the latest instalment where Desmond once again enters the animus to relive the life of his ancestor. With this being the 5th game in the series is it still satisfying gamers  [ Read More ]


PsPlus on PsVita + Competition

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This maybe be old news but its that good you all need to know about it. You’ve most probably already heard about it so this is for anyone who was out of the country and didn’t have access to broadband, and for anyone living under a rock.   PsPlus has made its debut on the  [ Read More ]

Ni No Kuni (5)

I love JRPGs and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that out of all the games at Eurogamer this year I was most excited to play Ni no Kuni, and I was not disappointed. The short preview I played made me glad I’ve had this on pre-order from day one. The battle system  [ Read More ]