Trailer Released at E3 2012 – Gravity Rush will be available exclusively for PsVita and in shops on 15th June 2012. With the ability to control gravity will you be able to help all those around you, while on the search to find out who you are…….


PsVita – What to Expect

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PsVita  Hardware (3) (Small)

In 1 week the PsVita will be out, but do we all know what to expect? I’m sure we’ve all heard loads of different things but what’s fact and what’s fiction. I thought it was time to search the Internet and bring you everything you need to know. If you’ve still got questions then get  [ Read More ]


Dungeon Defenders Review

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DD - Logo

Dungeon Defenders is not a new game to all platforms, it’s was released for PC first and just before Christmas released for PS3. It’s a downloadable title that has brought 2 game types we all know together, Tower Defence and Action RPG. Now it’s not a normal mix but they were made for each other  [ Read More ]


Mercury Hg

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As a fan of Archer Maclean’s Mercury on the PSP I was very keen to see a new incarnation of the genre in full HD glory. Mercury Hg (released 28th Sept 2011 on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network) has roots in classic arcade puzzle / skill based games such as Marble Madness, Super Monkey  [ Read More ]


Video Game Awards 2010

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VGA 2010 Awards

Last Saturday night Spikes Video Game Awards 2010 was held in Los Angeles and not only awards were being shown here. There were also some announcements and new trailers showing us the hottest games which were being seeing next year. Some of the big developers came out to play and showed us new trailers from  [ Read More ]


Playstation Move Help Part 2

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Yesterday we had a look at Playstation Move’s hardware and how it works to give you a very different gaming experiencing for the PS3. We are going to have a quick look at some of the games which are available now and some which we will be soon. At the moment if you want to  [ Read More ]

Weekly Round-Up

Its been a big week for game/hardware releases with Halo Reach and Playstation Move all in one week. Every Sunday we like to round up some of the biggest news to make sure your up to date.  So here is our top 5 posts for this week: Halo Reach Review – Find out what we thought about  [ Read More ]


Vanquish Demo Review

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Last week PlantiumGames released a demo of Vanquish to give us a taste of what this game has to deliver and it doesn’t disappoint. This is a high octane game where speed and cover is everything. If you didn’t read our preview post then click here to get more details about this game and watch gameplay before reading  [ Read More ]


Split Second New DLC

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Here at 16bits we love the all out action and fact paced racing of Split Second. I cant think of any other racing game where you can go from first to last because a plane just landed on your car. The only problem we had with the game is we hoped they would sort out the multiplayer and  [ Read More ]

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