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This week Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD received some new screenshots showing the different environments we’ll be revisiting but in HD, here they are: Trophies have also been confirmed for both versions of the game, not sure how good this is as can you just imagine what they might be….. But as always I’ve saved the  [ Read More ]


Persona 4 Golden

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On the 22nd February European PsVita gamers are in for treat, because it’s the release date for Persona 4 Golden. With less than a month till release a new trailer has been launched including some new screenshots, check them out below: Some people maybe wondering what Persona 4 Golden is all about, it’s a enhanced  [ Read More ]


PsPlus on PsVita + Competition

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This maybe be old news but its that good you all need to know about it. You’ve most probably already heard about it so this is for anyone who was out of the country and didn’t have access to broadband, and for anyone living under a rock.   PsPlus has made its debut on the  [ Read More ]


Eurogamer Expo 2012 Competition

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Eurogamer Expo is the biggest game show in the UK, every year they treat gamers with hands on action with the hottest releases and intriguing developer conferences. Later this month the doors will open and thousands of gamers will rush the floor playing and seeing games which the public have never seen, games like Grid  [ Read More ]


When Vikings Attack GamesCom 2012

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Released at GamesCom 2012 – Think Safe! Think Vikings! As our way of life is being threatened…..



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Spyhunter is back…. Watch his brand new trailer showing off some new upgrades!

Fun Facts Lego Batman Logo

Last Friday saw the return of Batman in his latest block-buster adventure. Released on Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii™, Windows PC, as well as Nintendo DS™, Nintendo 3DS™, and PlayStation®Vita. It’s already reached the number 1 spot in this weeks Video Game Chart and it could stay there……. To celebrate and treat all us fans some fun  [ Read More ]


Lego Superman saw flying over London

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It’s not everyday you take a stroll through Hyde Park with the sun sunning, cool breeze rushing through your hair, the faint noise of birds singing, Lego Superman flying above your head…… Ahhh what a day that would be. Now you may think when does the sun shine in England or Lego fly overhead but  [ Read More ]


Phineas and Ferb E3 2012 TRAILER

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Released at E3 2012 – Phineas and Ferb decided to create their own Video game and here it is! Its called “Across the 2nd Dimension” and features all your favorite characters from the TV Show.


Trailer Released at E3 2012 – Gravity Rush will be available exclusively for PsVita and in shops on 15th June 2012. With the ability to control gravity will you be able to help all those around you, while on the search to find out who you are…….