So after putting the hours in Pokémon Y I decided to have a wander round the Pokémon world and catch some legendry’s. Having not really knowing what or why they were worth catching only to be schooled by my 8 year old brother “because there awesome” seemed like a worthy argument. Making to the Unknown  [ Read More ]

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Titanfall: E3 Announce Trailer

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Tomb Raider Review

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tomb-raider-logo (Medium)

Everyone knows Lara, whether it’s from her first appearance in 1996, Tomb Raidar 2 where you could lock her butler in the freezer or maybe from her films. Last year Crystal Dynamics announced their reboot of the series, a new adventure, a new look at Lara at how she became the person we know from  [ Read More ]


Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Review

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Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Platform: PlayStation Network & Xbox Live Developers: studio 2XL and Reverb Publishing Genre: Off-road racing £8.99/800 Microsoft Points “Eating dust on a budget” For those who don’t know who Jeremy McGrath is he’s an American Super cross Pro World Champion and X-Games gold medalist. Although I’ve not played any of his previous games  [ Read More ]


The Cave (Wii U Demo)

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By: Double fine productions Available: January 23rd 2012 Platform: PC (Steam), Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Wii U shop The Cave is a new adventure platform game where you assemble a team of 3 from a choice of 7 different characters. • The Knight • The Hillbilly • The Time traveller • The Scientist •  [ Read More ]


Gaming Highlights of 2012

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16bits What a Year

It’s that time of year where we all think about our Game of the Year, but with more games being released every year it gets harder and harder. So lets start with the basics, what have we actually seen? Sony released the PsVita; a handheld console which tried to bridge the gap between gaming at  [ Read More ]


Tomb Raider Experience

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Tomb Raider (1)

Next year Lara Croft makes her début return, only we’ve never see this Lara. It’s not the cool experienced head that had a butler you could lock in the freezer, it’s a young, scared Miss Croft. The games due to launch on 5th March 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Square Enix brought  [ Read More ]