Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is the console port of the arcade game which was released in Japanese arcades in April last year and is the last revision of Virtua Fighter 5 which first appeared in 2006. VF5 already has two versions one for PS3 and an expanded version for Xbox 360 which included online  [ Read More ]


I Am Alive Review

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Released as part of this years Xbox Live House Party I Am Alive brings a very fresh new idea to the action/adventure we’ll all use to. This game is not like Uncharted where the main character has almost super strength to hang from any ledge for as long as he pleases….. I Am Alive is  [ Read More ]


Alan Wake American Nightmare Review

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Alan Wake American Nightmare was released as part of this years Xbox Live’s House Party. It’s a whole new story featuring Alan Wake and he’s constant battle against the darkness. It’s a full game packed into an XBLA game which includes a 5+ hour campaign and onslaught mode. If you played the original Alan Wake  [ Read More ]


Xbox Live House Party 2012

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This week Microsoft confirmed what games are joining this years house party when it all kicks off next month. Every Wednesday from the 15th February a brand new Xbox Live Arcade game will be available for download but that’s not all, if you buy all 4 games between 15th February – 13th March you’ll receive  [ Read More ]


Dungeon Defenders Review

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Dungeon Defenders is not a new game to all platforms, it’s was released for PC first and just before Christmas released for PS3. It’s a downloadable title that has brought 2 game types we all know together, Tower Defence and Action RPG. Now it’s not a normal mix but they were made for each other  [ Read More ]

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What a year it’s been! We’ve seen portable 3D, true facial expressions, cloud gaming and so much more! With so many good games it’s hard just remembering what came out but here’s my top games of 2011 and what I’m looking forward to in 2012. Favourite Games of 2011 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time  [ Read More ]


BulletStorm Preview

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Epic Games…….As soon as those two words are mentioned in any form of game development, my interest is most certainly always piqued. Of couse being one of the biggest and most extravagent dev teams, known for pulling out all the stops to please the fans, news of epic’s part in the game development would bound  [ Read More ]


Enslaved – Pigsy Perfect 10 DLC

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Last year Enslaved : Odyssey of the West was released and was one of our favourite games of 2010 here at 16bits for it’s unique look and compelling story which kept you hooked til the end. At the end of last year they released the first DLC which tells you a whole new story all  [ Read More ]


Dead Rising 2 DLC – Case West

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Dead Rising 2 has been out now for 3 months and is already in many top 10 games of 2010 and with Capcom backing Dead Rising all the way this time the next DLC Case:West will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace very soon and will cost 800 Microsoft points. Dead Rising 2: Case West  [ Read More ]


Sonic Adventure XBLA

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Now admittedly I wasn’t planning on doing a review for this game, but Dream asked me to so I thought why not. Now I am a big fan of Sonic, and have been since I first played the Mega Drive games, which I have to say have to be some of the best games I’ve  [ Read More ]