Max : The Curse of Brotherhood Review

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Max-TCoB LogoLateral

Do you have a younger brother? Did he play with all your toys when you were younger? Did you wish he could be taken away? Well if so then Max : The Curse of Brotherhood (Max TCOB) could be for you. It’s exclusive to Xbox One is available now for £11.99 Max TCOB was originally  [ Read More ]


Xbox One DVR Videos

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Xbox DVR Youtube

The Xbox One is finally out, and I’ve spent the majority of my weekend glued to the TV. So far I’ve loved every minute, the Xbox One looks and operates like a Next Gen console. In a couple of week we’ll have a full review but for now it’s not just good, its brilliant! One  [ Read More ]

Ethan Meteor Hunter Logo

This week Ethan Meteor Hunter was released for PC and PS3 via PSN. If you’re not sure or know nothing about this game then check out our Eurogamer Expo Interview with the developers Seaven Studios. Or….. Check out gameplay footage from our livestream below, enjoy!


Pikmin 3 – E3 Trailer (Wii U)

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